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As an entrepreneur, it's not always easy to make the best decision. A friendly ear may just make the difference in choosing the better option. Someone to talk to and go through all the details and the options with you, so you can make a weighed decision instead of a rash one or even worse a disastrous one. Some people are lucky and may get it right most of the time, but all of the time? No one is that lucky! A business is a gamble, and increasing the odds is imperative to lower the risk of any gamble.

Are you ready to increase the odds?

  Business Questions

You can enjoy the benefits of the Internet and receive coaching and business advice right in your home or office whenever you want it. Communication can be via phone, e-mail, online chat or Skype.

During any consultation, you can ask the PlanMagic coach and advisor what it is you need to know. The subject range is vast and can be related to starting up, funding, incorporation, location, product development, accounting, contracts, agreements, copyright, trademarks, intellectual property, corporate design, marketing strategy, pricing strategy, purchasing, manufacturing, partnering, investments, bankruptcy, and so forth. We don't know everything but we can always guide you in the right direction.

Make no mistake about it!

While an accountant can take care of your administrative and tax related issues, an attorney can help you with legal issues, and a bank manager can help you with banking matters, none of them can help you with the broad scope of subjects you'll need help with.


  Startup Coaching

During your first year we can advice you with anything you will need help with. From making decisions on location, budgeting, financing, contracts and agreements, and so much more. Our staff has 30+ years of startup experience and we have assisted hundreds of startup entrepreneurs to get through that initial phase. And since we live in the Internet age, having an online presence is an indispensable part of any modern day business. We can advice you with anything your business needs to do on the Internet as well.

  How Does It Work?

You choose the subscription model that you think will be best for you. Once you start the subscription, you will get the details you need to contact your project manager whenever you need his/her input on issues that matter to you. Wharever the subject, the project manager will listen to you, do whatever research is necessary and provide you with one or more possible solutions or scenarios. The final decision is of course up to you!


 I am truly impressed with the knowhow that is now available to me. No one helped me this way before.  

 I have so many doubts and questions. So far your input has been reassuring.  

Select the business coaching subscription you prefer from the tables below:


Startup Coaching

$795.00for 1 year

  • Get up to 1 hour per month of invaluable startup coaching

Standard Coaching

$225.00per month

- OR -
$2250.00per year

  • Get up to 4 hours per month of invaluable advice and coaching

Extended Coaching

$345.00per month

- OR -
$3450.00per year

  • Get up to 6 hours per month of invaluable advice and coaching

Ultimate Coaching

$649.00per month

- OR -
$6490.00per year

  • Get up to 10 hours per month of invaluable advice and coaching


If you prefer to pay via bank wire transfer (annual plans only!)   Get Bank Payment Details


Upon receipt of payment we will email you your invoice and the Consultant & Non-disclosure agreement. You will also be contacted by your assigned project manager to discuss your project in more detail to get things going.


If you would like more information about our business coaching and business advisory services, click the Request Info button to have a project manager contact you and explain how it works in more detail.

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