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Our business plan software uses simple terms, produce the most professional printed results, offer you nearly completed templates, comprehensive additional information in each guide, and FREE updates for 12 months. The financial part of each product offers you automatic sequential calculations, automatic ratios, a vast selection of automated charts and unlimited what-if analysis. Change personnel, sales, costs and so forth to see immediately what the results of that action would be over the next 5 or 10 years.






Type of software Windows Download SaaS SaaS
How private is your data? Completely private. Only you and those you wish to share them with have the files you created On an unknown server available to unknown entities On an unknown server available to unknown entities
Guides and Templates
Business and Financial plan guide
Web marketing guide (AE only)
Business specific plan templates
Plan Templates
Format preferred by banks/lenders/investors/venture capitalists
Automatic index
Executive summary
PowerPoint presentation template
PowerPoint investor pitch deck(s) 25-slide clever pitch decks
(AE only)
One-page pitch
Spelling & grammar check
All MS Word (or compatible) functions are available for editing
Financial Statements
Timespan 3 years monthly and quarterly, 5 years annual, 10 years summary Limited Limited
Monitoring capability 100% Limited
Assumptions General, form, financial, inventory, loans, tax, franchise, product mix, tax, dividend, and more) Limited Limited
Development planning Up to 2 phases (AE 4 phases), 5 years prior and 5 years of planning with automated development timeline
Investment budget Unlimited number of new/existing assets, depreciation schedule using SLN, DB, DDB, or SYD Limited Limited
Funding Shareholders' capital, unlimited number of new/existing loans, deferred loans, flexible loans, amortization Limited Limited
Beginning balance sheet With or without historic data Limited Limited
Personnel Wizard to add persons, groups or departments (max. 10). Summary with headcounts. Limited Limited
Personnel assumptions Payroll burden, hourly/overtime rates, bonuses payment schedule Limited Limited
Product details Cost of Goods with minimum stock level entry (3 years) - Add/Edit/Remove product lines and products using the products wizard to add up to 10 product lines (or market areas) and unlimited products per product line Limited Limited
Sales projections Enter sales by units or amounts, or in bulk per product line, rebates & allowances Limited Monthly amounts
Income statement Categorized. Monthly & quarterly (3 years) - with EBITDA and earnings per share details for companies, automated discounts & returns, bad debts and losses & thefts. Add/remove cost rows easily.
Rationale Notes to the financial statements - with automated data from the projections
Tax account Detailed with sales tax &, income tax and adjust option
Inventory account Detailed with adjust option
Charts More than 50 automatic charts and you can create your own Limited Limited
Print wizard
Export wizard
Business analysis
Ratios (KPIs) Historic ratios (3 years), Projected ratios including SGR, Z-score, IRR/NPV for business valuation (5 years) Basic Basic
Industry comparison Industry standards comparison (5 years) with variation calculation
Loan capacity ratios Loan capacity ratios (5 years) with indicators
Annual summary matrix Beginning balance, income statement, cash flow, ending balance for each of the 5 years with OCF, FCF
Best case & Worst case Best case & Worst case scenarios for each of the 5 years as a balanced scorecard
Comparison analysis actual vs projected
Line of credit scenario Line of credit scenarios for 5 years
Expanded Financial Statements AE versions
Other investments (short term, bonds and securities)
Exchange rate wizard Exchange rate multiplier to easily convert values into another currency
Development planning Up to 4 phases, 5 years prior and 5 years of planning with automated development timeline
Annual ROA / ROE / SGR dynamic analysis tree for each of the 5 years Adjustable dynamic ROA/ROE analysis (straight line & averaged)
EVA / WACC analysis tree
Break-even analysis per product line Detailed break-even analysis per product line with break-even charts per product line
Financial summary with CAGR (5 years)
Revenue analysis per product line (5 years)
10-year projections Annual summarized projections (income statement, cash flow, balance sheet, ratios) up to 10 years
Timeline Timeline (3 years) - entries are as easy as 1-2-3, with project cost, start date and end date
Executive dashboard Complete Limited Limited
Advertising & promotion plan Advertising & promotion plan detailed (3 years), annual (5 years)
Bonus tools
Equipment, machinery, office, lunch room, retail, specific worksheets
Services estimation
Personal financial statement
Partnership accounts worksheet
Add-on tools Several business types have specific add-on tools
Multiple authors in multiple locations with multiple user licenses with multiple user licenses with multiple user licenses
# of plans 5 with 1 single user license 1 active (+$17.95/month for another) 3

* = SE = Standard Edition, AE = Advanced Edition
SE* $69.95 or
AE* $119.95/year
$19.95/month or $139.92/year (comparable version to our standard version) $39.95/month or $288/year (comparable version to our standard version)
Business specific software or service -- When none of the above are specific enough!
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