PlanMagic Media Plan Application

State-of-the-art Media Plan & Media Results Analysis
for any type of business or organization

  • Assumptions (general, scope, media mix, descriptions)
  • Objectives (objectives, budget per objective, target markets with multiple parameters)


This the control panel where you plan on a monthly timeline. Enter your ads, promotions, events, p.r., and campaigns throughout the months up to 3 years. With the automated budget control you can easily stay within each objectives' budget.


  • Advertising mix
    - Newspapers
    - Magazines
    - Trade publications
    - Radio
    - Television
    - Outdoor
    - Mobile
    - Other advertising
  • Promotion mix
    - Sales promotion
    - Direct marketing
    - Point of sale
    - Trade shows
    - Other promotion
  • Internet plan (3 years)
    - pay per click (PPC), pay per period, pay once, other Internet advertising
  • Public relations plan (3 years)
    - press releases, special events, sponsorships, other PR campaigns


  • Media budget monthly and quarterly (3 years)
  • Media budget annual (5 years)
  • Cost summary annual (5 years)


  • Advertising results analysis (3 years)
  • Promotion results analysis (3 years)
  • Internet results analysis (3 years)
  • Comparison analysis - advertising, promotion, Internet, public relations, other costs, total expenditures (5 years)
  • Charts - target markets, offline media, online media (3 years)
  • Dashboard - monthly summaries, annual summaries, target markets, offline media, online media
  • Timeline with a task wizard (Gantt) for 3 years - tasks entries are as easy as 1-2-3, with project cost, start date and end date
Automated from A to Z. Incomparably automated from start to finish. No manual calculations needed.
After the first year numbers are automated based on averages or increase %. Provides fast results by eliminating unnecessary manual input.
Media calendar Plan easily using the media calendar.
More than 25 automated charts. Gives you a quick overview when and where needed.
Print wizard: quickly print any selection of predefined print areas. Saves you time collecting data to be printed. Click and Go.
Export wizard: easily export multiple values-only worksheets. Handy for conferencing or external consultants.