PlanMagic Business Consultants

Business Advisor

Wouldn't you like to have your own business advisor?

Our online business advisor is available to you every day of the week, even in the weekend! You can ask a variety of questions that are related to your business. Whether it's about advertising, marketing, financing, accounting, online business, creditors, office procedures, software and a whole lot more possible subjects.

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Business Plan Writing

Even though the PlanMagic Business Plan Software is complete, not everyone has the time to write a business plan, as well as complete a financial plan.

For us it is daily routine!

We therefore like to offer you our professional business plan writing and/or financial planning services.

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Business Analysis

Properly analyzing an existing business is a considerable task, sometimes even for a professional.

Depending on the goal of the analysis this can include business development, diversification, innovation, expansion, marketing, financial analysis and more.

A financial plan is needed to provide a clear picture of the current situation as well as the projected future of your business. Any existing problems will become visible, and different scenarios can be projected to come to a plan of action that makes sense.

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Excel programming services

Professional custom made Excel® solutions


Use our 20 years of Microsoft Excel® expertise to get custom programmed business financial solutions. We create customized applications that enable businesses to replace time-consuming manual procedures with automated solutions. We can provide accurate budgeting, accounting and sales projections with top-level reporting.

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SEO Search Engine Optimization

PlanMagic and SEO Creativity offer you Web marketing services that deliver!

Together we can provide you with the best SEO techniques ever gathered by mankind since the dawn of the Internet age. Let us help you to get your Web site out of the Stone Age before it becomes extinct.

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Web Site Creation

PlanMagic and its partner provide state-of-the-art device responsive Web presence solutions that work!

When you browse through some of our creations you will see the extent and quality of our work. At least that which is visible on the outside. In the background our vast experience of Web site building and Web marketing is applied to the max.

Our enthusiastic team consists of young talents as well as veterans who have been around since the dawn of the Internet age and are always keen to face a new challenge.

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