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Due to the overall lack of this kind of product for starting and existing businesses back in 1994, Peter Nunes d'Agrella BSc MBA (CEO/Founder), worked indefatigably to find an easy way to produce business and marketing plans. He worked on a business plan template that covered all that needed to be considered, such as a marketing plan with marketing goals and strategies, operations plan, advertising & promotion, product mix analysis, pricing strategy, risk management, and so forth. His hard work and that of the entire PlanMagic Team resulted in the complete product line PlanMagic Corporation offers you today.

As our slogan 'Our business is developing yours®' clearly indicates we aim to help businesses throughout the world with their start-up and their further development. We aim to do this via our planning and analysis solutions, but also through consultant and even Web site services. Whether you need to plan your business, analyze it, or get your marketing in gear and rattle your competitors, PlanMagic Corporation's business solutions will be of invaluable assistance.

Our software is being used by small and large companies, by management consultants, business economists, business students and medical doctors, industry and retail businesses worldwide. Many trade oriented people are finding our business software well thought out and thorough. Even so, we are always working on further improvement of our products. Our product mix is aimed at assisting you on the road to financial success.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance, require more tools or have a question.

We are always available to assist you whenever and wherever you are (in this galaxy that is, our spacecraft is not yet built for longer distances). We are always interested in your opinion about our products and our policy, so feel free to communicate your ideas with us. You may complete the feedback form to inform us, if you wish. We trust you'll enjoy working with us and our solutions.

Since the formation in 1994 we have experienced a steady growth and we expect this to continue in the years ahead. The necessity for our software and tools has been properly estimated and the development and programming of new versions and new software and services continues even at this very moment.

Our products have shown to be innovative, state-of-the-art, trend setting, educational, stimulating and indispensable. Check out the reviews and some of our clients throughout the world. Even have a look at some competitors and read between the lines (you really should!). You'll find some similarities (a balance sheet, or a cash flow forecast, and so forth), and may think it's all the same, but nothing is further from the truth. None of our competitors can truly offer the logic, the automation and the great detail that went into the PlanMagic business software products.

We can only continue to provide our products and services if you show us your appreciation by registering the products you are using or intend to use. We're counting on you to support our efforts, so we can keep assisting you with your (ad)ventures. Together we can work on a promising future.


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Plan close to reality, assess feasibility, enjoy easy editing, smart data entry, and state-of-the-art business reporting capabilities at a fair price.

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