Great Business Plan Templates

Business Plan Templates

Business plan template that are fully geared towards the specific business type. The business type has been thoroughly researched and relevant details are inserted wherever appropriate. The product mix has been entered (providing ideas about possible revenues), many paragraphs have been made targeted to the business type, market specific details have been entered if available, the personnel chart has been optimized, the SWOT has been started, and so forth.

A well-prepared business plan template provides you a way to complete your business plan easier and more professionally.

Business plan templates that are business specific and include all aspects of planning a certain business are an indispensable part of modern business plan software such as PlanMagic Business and PlanMagic Retail. Other business plan templates such as construction, non profit, hotel, resort, and so forth are part of a specific program such as PlanMagic Resort, and others.

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The multi-purpose yet business specific business plan program.

  PlanMagic Retail

The retail store business specific business plan program.

  PlanMagic Property Rental

Specialized business planning software for all types of property rental business.

  PlanMagic Construction

Specialized business planning software for general contractors, specialty contractors, and subcontractors.

Use the construction business plan template for:

  PlanMagic Non Profit

Specialized business planning software for non profit organizations.

  PlanMagic Warehousing

Specialized business planning software for logistics, transportation and warehousing.

  PlanMagic Restaurant

Full-service restaurant with bar, catering, party rental and take-away options. Use the restaurant template for:

  PlanMagic Coffee Bar

Coffee bar, café, cafeteria, tea house, coffee shop, sports bar, juice bar, with/without a terrace.

  PlanMagic Bar

Bar, pub, café, club with or without a terrace. Use the bar business plan template for:

  PlanMagic BnB

Hotel, motel, inn, lodge, b&b without amenities, profit centers or concessions. Rooms and optional breakfast.

  PlanMagic Hotel

  PlanMagic Resort

Resorts with accommodation, amenities, profit centers (max. 10, disco, casino, gift shop, etc.), and concessions for planning up to 15 years. Use the resort template for:


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