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If you want to borrow money or attract investors, you’ll have to show your forecasts, and explain how you came up with the numbers. The numbers should be realistic and feasible. Your business plan needs to show your understanding of the intended business, the target market, and its challenges. And it all has to make sense. Inconsistencies will ruin everything before you even get started!

That's where we come in! We are a team of business consultants, copywriters, financial planners, business analysts, and business strategists with over 35 years of experience on a global scale. We will assist you to define your goals, strategies, and competitive edge, fine-tune your unique selling proposition, and identify and quantify your target markets. We provide realistic calculations for sales estimates and expenses. Additionally, we analyze your proposed business model and help you identify any potential shortcomings.

professional business plan writers
business plan writers

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We can assist you or advice you with many aspects of starting, expanding or improving your business. Our business plan writers are here to help you to minimize risks and maximize your chance of success, and to do our best to get you started the right way, because...


the market

The investor pitch

Getting an investor's attention in a 10 minute time span is crucial if you are looking to succeed with funding your idea. Everything you must include in the investor pitch for your business startup or expansion will be expertly prepared using MS PowerPoint with a theme of your choosing. In some cases, it may also be a good idea to create a video presentation as your investor pitch. We can help you to decide what is best.

The Business Plan Writing Process

business plan writers

If you want to contact us via phone or email for an initial chat about your project. You can also use our form to request a quote. When you are ready to go forward, we will provide you with a link to make the payment using Stripe (debit, credit/card) or you can request to use a wire transfer.

Business plan projects start at US$750. After you order and pay the initial amount we have indicated, we will contact you via phone, email or Webex to discuss the details of your project.

We collect all information you have available and assess what else may be needed (if any). If we have enough information to get started, we start the process. If other data is needed, we do those parts of the plan when the information becomes available.

Types of plans

  • business proposals
  • investor pitches
  • video presentations
  • lean (1-2 page) business plans
  • 1-10/20/30/40/50 page business plans
  • 50+ page business plans
  • specific immigration visa business plans
  • financial plans for 2, 5, 10 years, or 15 years for hotel and resort

Business plan

The business plan can be in a DOC(X) format, a PowerPoint format, or a PDF using a chosen theme.

Financial plan

The financial plan is an Excel financial model that we can export to a PDF file. The written business plan can be separate or combined with the financial plan unless you ordered a financial plan only.

Our financial models

Data collection

Once all required information has been received and gathered, the writing process begins. The business plan writing team will use your information and additionally acquired data (if needed) to produce a professional business plan including all the necessary financial data, charts and ratios.

Close-to-reality revenues & expenses

Trying to get sales numbers that possibly reflect the reality is not easy. Expenses are easier to determine than sales. Experience can be an important factor in determining close-to-reality revenues.

SWOT analysis

While writing the business plan and projecting the financials, we search for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis). After all, you want your proposal to be as good as it can be and offer a sound business opportunity.

Market research

No business plan is complete without market data. We can do any necessary market research for you, if needed, or you can purchase the report(s) you need from any of these or other sources.

PEST analysis

We analyze how your business is influenced by Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors.


Your plan files are accessible in a secure area on our site and are updated whenever changes have been made.


We keep a timesheet so you can monitor the time spent on your project. All files created will be available for download on our site in a secure client area. Any additional files -- such as market data, helpful guides, and so forth -- gathered for your project will also be available there.

Project completion

Upon completion the result will be a business plan ready to be presented to financiers, investment banks, banks, angel investors, venture capitalists, Canadian PNP, USA E2, and other immigration plans. You will have a clear roadmap for your business and depending on package complete financial projections.

  Recent business plan projects

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Affordable and fast

Small to medium-sized business plan projects can be completed in 7-21 days. The complexity and time needed of any project typically depends on type of plan, items to include, type of funder/investor and their requirements, immigration service requirements, preferred format, required research, and last but not least the completeness of data provided. No project is too small or too big for us.
For bigger projects we estimate the possible time required after an initial assessment. Bigger projects can be completed in 14-30 days (it depends on the project).

Why PlanMagic business plan writers


We have 35+ years of experience with business plan writing for thousands of customers and for hundreds of business types.


We are a multinational company. We can write your business plan in English, Nederlands (Dutch), Deutsch (German), or Portuguese.


We possess expertise and experience in all aspects of small to large-sized businesses worldwide.


As our slogan indicates:



You can trust us to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of your data, with your best interests always being our priority.


Close-to-reality financial projections accompanied by a detailed plan that is ready for professional printing.

Business Plan FAQS

Of course! We have written the following thus far: Canadian PNP, USA L1, USA E2, and USA EB-5 Visa Business Plans.

We can boast a 100% approval rate!

Albeit that in some cases, the review board came with additional requests not mentioned in the visa requirements. After providing whatever was requested, the visa was always obtained. We include certain details by default or advice you to get whatever we think may be needed based on our experience with review boards requests. We can work with your lawyer if needed to ensure you fulfill all legal requirements.

Can you pitch our plan to the right contacts?

Yes, we can present your plan to our contacts globally (we receive a small commission if successful). Our CEO is an investment broker for several large investment funds. Whether they are inclined to consider your proposal depends on their field of interest and, naturally, the feasibility of your (ad)venture. We can also guide you towards obtaining the necessary funds. In certain instances, the SBA may be a suitable option.

We can communicate using phone, email, Skype, Google Meet, Zoom or Webex. You can also start an online chat with one of our team members (9am-5pm U.S. Eastern Time) -- see the icon at the bottom right of this page.

Your business plan will be ready to be presented to SBA, banks, angel investors, venture capital/investment/equity funds, Canadian PNP, USA E2, and any other immigration board!

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