The reviews that matter the most are those provided by customers

They work with the program and their opinion is the most important. If you read some of their comments, you'll understand why so many customers have been with us for years and still are.

Who do you believe?

The main search engines who only favorite those that dish out their hard earned cash? The review sites that never even tried any of our programs? Or hard working people like you who are using PlanMagic software simply because our programs are the best?

The real reviews

"Great products! Great support!" (posted on LinkedIn) G.P, Zambia

"I use your Business AE and your Resort planner for nearly 15 years. You guys have created the best in the world financials! Amazing!" A.G., Switzerland

"Been using your software for nearly 10 years, admirable work. PlanMagic IS magic!" R.P., Australia

"The more I work with your software, the more I like it. You have really done a great job with all your programs." J.S., Austria (PlanMagic Business AE/Restaurant AE/Resort)

"The new workbook is working with MS Office Pro 2013 (64-bit). I used PlanMagic Business AE in 2007 and I liked it more than Business Plan Pro, and I am still a huge fan of it and that is why I have reordered. Thanks for excellent support! " J.C., Saudi Arabia (PlanMagic Business AE/Finance Pro)

"The new version is greatly improved since I used it last. Nice!" D.D., USA (PlanMagic Business AE)

"I was showing my staff members your programs. All were impressed by the thoroughness of it. I think your program could substitute for a college degree in marketing." R.M., USA (PlanMagic Media Planner)

"I can't believe what a great job you guys did on this model." A.M., USA (PlanMagic Finance Pro)

"All in all, from the first model I have purchased, your business plans are by far the best I have seen in terms of structure, contents, and relevance to what I am looking for in a business plan. Thanks for a job well done." F.A., Saudi Arabia (PlanMagic Business AE 12, PlanMagic Construction AE 12)

"I have bought and used the Hotel and Construction software in the past and I was pleasantly thrilled at the completeness of your business plans products." K.A., Nigeria (PlanMagic Hotel 12, PlanMagic Construction AE 12)

"I have to say, the software is quite impressive." D.S., South Africa (PlanMagic Hotel 12)

"May I say I am impressed at how PlanMagic and you take care of your customers, that is a quality that is seldom seen these days." J.S., USA (PlanMagic Restaurant 12)

"I found that you had very good language and formats that fit my new business. I really like the product. I also liked the restaurant files you had." D.S., USA (PlanMagic CoffeeBar AE 12)

"Yeah! It works, it works! I am running a company that is a loss making venture, but at least I know that now and have time to turn things around!" S.F., South Africa (PlanMagic CoffeeBar AE 12)

"Your product is awesome. Used it on two different companies now." M.D., USA (PlanMagic Business AE 11)

"I bought the PlanMagic Retail software and it is a wonderful business plan package!" W.W., Singapore (PlanMagic Retail AE 11)

"I have bought the PlanMagic Hotel software some years ago and I must say that it was fantastic to work with that software. A hotel including a casino and mall are being built now on basis of the business plan I prepared!" R.S., Netherlands (PlanMagic Hotel 2.0)

"You have the right winning mix. Your program is outstanding and your support is out of this world, in terms of knowledge, courtesy, and effectiveness, in just no time. Keep going people. You're the one and only team!" J.C., PR, USA (PlanMagic Business 10)

"I recently purchased your PlanMagic Construction AE 10, and I am very pleased with the features provided by the model." F.Q., Spain (PlanMagic Construction AE 10)

"PlanMagic is magical! Clearly the financial portion plays the starring roll in PlanMagic and makes the other software seem totally bogus. After all said and done it's the financial portion of any business plan that is critical and you guys have done a Brilliant job!" A.S., USA (PlanMagic Business 9)

"I'd like to thank you for Resort 2.0 that my company used for planning a 5-star resort near Moscow - your software is outstanding!" AM, Russia (PlanMagic Resort 2.0)

"Love your software and find it the most complete of its kind on the market. I'm an independent consultant and will be recommending use of your Finance Pro 9.0 throughout my practice." A.D., USA (PlanMagic Finance Pro 9)

"Thanks so much for all your help! I'm so impressed with your service and your product is working out great!" J.J., China (PlanMagic Business AE 9)

"I just want to express my thanks for the wonderful program that guidelines me for my project. Many thanks to you and your team for the wonderful work." A.A.R., United Arab Emirates (PlanMagic CoffeeBar 2.006)

"Thanks for creating such a great business tool! I've tried other business plan software but yours is by far the most complete and comprehensive, particularly regarding the financial spreadsheets!" S.F., USA (PlanMagic Business 9)

"I have the Business AE 9 version and have just completed my first business plan with it. It is a great product!" G.E., Australia (PlanMagic Business AE 9)

"I used your software to open my restaurant. The ease of use combined with sophistication of reports, etc., is what brought me back. I want to order PlanMagic Bar now." C.D., USA (PlanMagic Restaurant 2.005)

"This is PERFECT! Absolutely exactly what I needed without all the headaches of doing it myself." P.E., USA (PlanMagic Advertising 2.0)

"I have to say that your business plan software is second to none and I have been incredibly happy with version 8.0." T.B., United Kingdom (PlanMagic Business 8.0)

"Thank you for creating this software!! It is absolutely amazing." J.M., USA (PlanMagic Business 8.0)

"Excellent Product - my only suggestion would be to offer options for businesses starting mid year or mid month as far as sales projections and labor projections ("mid year is possible!"). Beyond that - What a great program!" J.Y., USA (PlanMagic Restaurant 2.005)

"Based on your very complete business plan, we found a financial partner for building the largest hotel in the northern part of xxxxx with over 1000 beds." K.L., Europe (PlanMagic Hotel 2.005)

"The software is great. Well done!" M.S., USA (PlanMagic Finance Pro 8.0)

"Thanks for the great software." A.F., USA (PlanMagic Restaurant 2.005)

"I have to say that I am very impressed with PlanMagic, not only do you offer great value for money, but you actually personally answer emails 'quickly'! Keep it up!" P.B., The Netherlands

"The tools are a wonderful guidance through all the single issues in the process of preparing a marketing and business plan. I love this tool because it is so convenient and easy to use." SH, Germany (Business, Marketing, Finance Pro)

"With your really quick support, I'm able to continue my work also this evening. Thank you very much for your support." H.H., Germany

"I purchased PlanMagic Marketing 6.0 a few months ago and am extremely pleased with the product and the service of your company. Keep up the outstanding work!! PlanMagic Marketing has been a very useful tool indeed." J.N., USA

"Congratulations for the best solution I've found on the market. Your financials are awesome!" A.L., Argentina

"What service! I didn't expect anything that wasn't from an auto-responder in less than a day or two and to get a personalized response in under 6 hours is truly incredible, especially at this time of the morning! I'm looking forward to using your products to help build my business plans, looks like the best I have found. I'll let you know how it turns out but so far it's been a delight dealing with PlanMagic and your web site." J.J.K., USA

"After two weeks of using PlanMagic Finance, allow me to start by congratulating you on the quality of the product. As an Excel wizard, I found your sheets well planned and well laid out. Having read "the guide" as well, I must say your documentation is pretty complete." K.L., France

"Thank you for your great software! It got me the investor I was looking for! THANKS!" V.M., Ukraine

"I have to say that I am very impressed with the content of this package. Nice job. " K.H., marketing pro, USA (about PlanMagic Business AE)

"By the way, everyone is very impressed with my business plan!!!!! It took me a week to do, but it was worth it! Thanks!" B.C., USA

"That is the friendliest reply I have ever received from a software company. Thank you so much for your time and the information. I am looking forward to seeing the updated version of the Business Plan. It is hard to imagine you making it any more user friendly. Thank you so much for a very enjoyable customer experience." A.F., Australia

"I have recently purchased the Marketing package online and was very impressed with its contents. I wish to further purchase the Business software." Z.K., USA

"As a planning professional, I appreciate the depth of thought which has gone into the PlanMagic tools. I've bought the full set and am currently using it to structure my thoughts on starting my own business. Excellent! Absolutely excellent!!" D.J, Switzerland

"My name is D. C. and I purchased a download and CD version back in June 2000. PlanMagic is a wonderful and incredibly useful tool." D.C., USA

"I would just like to thank you for the excellent product. I purchased the business plan model a month or so ago and it helped me tremendously. Unfortunately I suffered a massive disc crash recently and have had to download the software again. I wanted to thank you for keeping the doors open for me to allow me to download again. Good luck with the continuous success for your company and the excellent products" D.M., The Netherlands.

"I have found your product to be remarkable!  I am doing a start-up chiropractic clinic and am finding your program extremely helpful. I got what I wanted! Thanks for a wonderful product!" B.G., Detroit, USA

"The software is very useful and I look forward to using it to developing my business further thanks to the direction that your Business and Marketing programs provide". A.H., director, United Kingdom

"I bought your products (all 3) today and all of them are even better than I thought. Congratulations." P.M., director, Buenos Aires, Argentina

"About one year ago, I've purchased Marketing Planning, Marketing Analysis and Business Planning. Since then I've been using all three products with great enthusiasm. Furthermore I would like to update the versions I have. I don't mind to upgrade to the newest versions if there is money involved." C.J., The Netherlands

"The trial versions even show that the products can be used productively" P.R., director international business development consultants, Germany

"I am looking forward to using the package. It is a very well thought out plan and will be a great asset to our business." T.D., Alabama USA

"We have downloaded all the three products. And found them very interesting. We must compliment you for the excellent depth of work in your products." M. Financial corporation, India

"Thank you I like your software very much - one of the best Business and Analysis programs I have seen. Keep up the good work." R.D., Asian Marketing Strategy, Singapore

"Your software appears to be the most USER friendly I have seen, after researching for weeks on your competitors. So easy and professional." K.M., Bangkok, Thailand

"I have downloaded PlanMagic Business and found it very useful. Congratulations for your intelligent software" E.O., Business planning Associates, Brazil

"It's a great program" A.C., system operator

"Wonderful templates. They're complete, good in form and I will recommend your product to anyone needing a professional solid business plan." E.G., Massachusetts, USA

"I like it very much, but since I really need the marketing software I'm ordering the PlanMagic Complete Package" D.B., England

"This product has great potential" L.P., New York, USA

"It really works" P.C., London, England

"Thanks for the quick delivery. It's a great product." P.J., USA

"I really like your program PlanMagic Business, and PlanMagic Marketing is even better. I've never seen anything like it." A.I., Brussels, Belgium

"The walkthrough guide is simply superb" J.W., marketing manager, Germany

"Guys, great site. Loved the look of the Business Plan. I was drooling, you had the impetus. I need a Business Plan, your software looks good. So how do I get It?." G.M., Australia

"Dear Gentlemen, may you have a warm salute and the best wishes in your every day activities, after a very thorough review and examination of your "PlanMagic Business Software", it is exactly what I've been looking for, it would seem like it was designed for me, congratulations." V.E., El Salvador