Marketing & Media Plan Software

PlanMagic Marketing & Media Plan Software use simple terms, use our proprietary Smart Entry System (SES)™ to minimize and significantly speed up data entry, produce the most professional printed results, offer you nearly completed templates, comprehensive additional information in each guide, and FREE updates and email support for 12 months. The planning application of each product offers you automatic sequential calculations, automatic ratios, a vast selection of automated charts, analysis, and a lot more. Change personnel, sales, costs and so forth to see immediately what the results of that action would be over the next 5 years. You can even replace planned numbers with real data as time passes to see the reality changing the years ahead, and what to do to influence the outcome for the better.

marketing plan software


media plan software


PlanMagic Media Planner is the first and only media plan software with such details (define objectives, define target markets, detailed ads and campaigns information). The media brief template is a pre-written textual template easily completed into your own media plan, while the media planner workbook is used to insert new ads and campaigns using a wizard.

Enter ads or campaigns easily into the Monthly Media Calendar (up to 3 years) or the Daily Media Calendar for 1 year, both with automatic budget control (even per objective). You can view detailed analysis of results at anytime. By entering realized results into the results analysis tables, you can check GRPs, reach, frequency, exposures, lead rate, resulted sales and more. You can choose from a number of charts and reports, or quickly print the dashboard. Presentations can be created using the presentation template.


marketing plan software



Create a clear marketing formula, optimize your product/market combinations, set clear goals and strategies, perform sales projections, create a time table, have a progress and budget control, compare budgets using a variable value, provides fully automated charts and much more. PlanMagic Marketing is the first and only marketing planner with product line and number of products generator (up to 10 product lines with unlimited number of products per product line). The generator creates or deletes product lines and products as selected, even with existing data in the workbook.

MARKETING ANALYSIS (Advanced Edition -- AE -- only)

Overview, Internal factors, External factors, Product mix, Suppliers, Market analysis, Geographic markets, Customers, Product/market combinations, Customer appreciation, Competitors, Competitive products, Pricing goals & strategies, Pricing analysis, Distribution mix, Marketing personnel, Human resource development, Market research, Effectiveness of the market research, Advertising budget, Strengths & weaknesses, Problems & possibilities, Conclusions, Actions, Ratios, Timeline