Industry Research

Industry reports with business ratios, benchmarks and trends to help you manage your business better

Comparative information on over 900 U.S. industries on a national, regional and local level. Locality is the key, and that is what makes our county-level and state-level industry reports unique and valuable. PrimeIndustryReports factors in local costs, local growth, and local economics to give you a more precise report based on where you conduct business. We provide access to nearly 3 million Federal, State, and County-Level Industry Reports. These reports can be used to help you compare your company's financial performance with industry benchmarks. They are also invaluable for reviewing key metrics for loans, insurance policies, and business valuations. We offer you access to not only the national reports, but the county and state versions as well. Oxxford Information has been supplying this essential information to banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions for over 25 years.
And now it is available to you!


  •   Compare your company to industry benchmarks
  •   See how other local companies in your industry are doing financially
  •   Create business and marketing plans
  •   Discover if your start-up business can be profitable in your area
  •   Help determine business valuations using local and regional data


  County Level Industry Report

The 5-Year County-Level Financial Profile Industry Report lets you compare a company against local industry benchmarks of sales, expenses, and key business ratios over a 5-year period.



  State Level Industry Report

The 5-Year State-Level Financial Profile Industry Report lets you compare a company against state industry benchmarks over a 5-year period.



  National Level Industry Report

The 5-Year National-Level Financial Profile Industry Report lets you see the average financial details of a specific industry in the United States.



Each of the reports also includes the option to download a spreadsheet (CSV) of the data used to generate the reports. The county-level spreadsheet file will not contain comparative state-level data. The state-level spreadsheet file will not contain comparative national-level data.

The industry reports are synthesized from over 60 external and proprietary databases including:

  • Firm financial data and product usage information
  • Geographic area data on firms, revenue and growth
  • National industry data and forecasts
  • IRS corporate and partnership detail
  • County business patterns
  • ERISA employee benefit findings
  • Annual surveys of manufacturing and trade
  • Economic census data
  • Macro economic forecast data
  • 10K and 10Q filings for public corporations
  • State company report filings
  • Bureau of Economic Analysis
  • Federal Reserve Board bank call reports
  • FDIC quarterly filings
  • Oxxford's proprietary behavioral databases