Startup Business Plans

Our startup business plans enable you to create your startup plan following easy and understandable steps to come to a professional result quickly. We continue to set the standards in business plan automation, business plan presentation, financial plans and projections. All our products can be used in any currency, are compliant with any -sales- tax system, and use the PlanMagic Smart Entry System (SES)™ method to reduce data entry time to a minimum.


All our business plan products offer detailed financial planning, analysis and reports not found in any competitive product and uncommon even in high cost accounting software!

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You can find online tours and demo business plan templates, so you can better assess the quality provided.

Complete and thorough!

You don't need any specific business expertise to use any of our startup business plan, marketing plan, media plan, or financial planning products. Learn as you go with the many tooltips and the extensive guide that accompanies each program. Business specific programs such as f.e. PlanMagic Restaurant or PlanMagic Hotel come with a completed sample financial plan to greatly reduce the time needed to produce your financial projections.

Each business plan program covers all aspects of the business plan process:

  1. Completing the written business plan using our templates
  2. Forecasting close-to-reality financial results easily up to 5/10/15 years
  3. Preparing your pitch or presentation
  4. Monitoring your business or organization as time passes
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Dedicated Startup Business Plans

There is a great variety of businesses and organizations, each with its own needs when it comes to estimating and planning. One generic business plan program can not possibly cater to all the differences. For this reason, PlanMagic invested in research and development for many different types of business and organizations since 1995. Because of this ongoing investment, we can offer you planning software that is dedicated to the business you are planning to run or are already running and want to improve. Browse the list below to see which program is best suited for your startup situation.


Flexible business plan software

PlanMagic Business
The best generic business plan software with business specific business plan templates and unique automated financial projections. For products, services or manufacturing businesses.
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Retail business plan software

PlanMagic Retail
The only retail business plan software that offers retail business specific business plan templates and unmatched automated retail store financial projections to plan or monitor your store.
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Construction business plan software

PlanMagic Construction
World's only business plan program for the construction business for all types of contractors. Sales can be estimated by entering details for recurring projects and specific projects as well as for product sales.
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Non Profit

Non Profit business plan software

PlanMagic Non Profit
The only non profit business plan software with fully automated non profit financial projections. Grants, pledges, gifts, programs, fundraising, events, unrelated business income, and more.
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Property Rental

Property rental business plan software

PlanMagic Property Rental
Property rental business plan software with unique property rental financial projections.
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Warehousing business plan software

PlanMagic Warehousing
Warehousing business plan software with unique financial projections for logistics/transportation/warehousing business.
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Restaurant business plan software

PlanMagic Restaurant
Sizzling restaurant business plan software and unique restaurant financial projections. All possible details have been considered and readily built in from covers, seasons, to terrace and more.
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Bar business plan software

PlanMagic Bar
Bar business plan template and dedicated financial projections for bars, cafés, pubs, taverns, nightclubs, and similar venues. Sales can be estimated based on monthly entries or weekly averages.
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CoffeeBar business plan software

PlanMagic CoffeeBar
Coffee bar business plan and financials made to order. Coffees (drinks, beans, ground), teas, lattes, smoothies, frosties, pastries & snacks, party rental and even terrace average sales calculations.
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BnB business plan software

PlanMagic BnB
Start or run a guesthouse, bed and breakfast, inn, lodge, hostel, motel, rooms to let, small hotel or similar business. You can plan easier and more thorough than with any other program.
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Hotel business plan software

PlanMagic Hotel
Dedicated hotel business plan software with world's best hotel planning financials. Very effective for start-up, expansion and monitoring of any hotel. Accommodation planning, personnel, amenities and more.
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Resort business plan software

PlanMagic Resort
Plan your resort hotel, spa resort, ski resort, beach resort, golf resort, or any type of resort quickly, yet thoroughly. Pre-written resort business plan template, world's best fully automated resort financial projections, and state-of-the-art financial analysis tools.
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